A ranting on a subject

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What is Ghostwriting?

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7 Ways to Perfect Your Writing “Tone”

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Nicole Arbour

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Not necessarily ranting, but a mutual discussion on Religion. But not in an /r/atheism way. I love debating and it's such a fun subject because 1) I don't belittle or try. Things to Rant About Sparkler Post. Flag Flag as inappropriate. By chickfilangel February 4, Heart.

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Random Subject to Write About

To express at length a complaint or negative opinion: "He could rant on the subject of physician-assisted illness" (Paul Theroux). v. tr. To utter or express by ranting: "Adams's fellow Federalists ranted that he was mentally unfit to be president" (Susan Dunn).

This is the th post on Rant List. Most people would see that as some kind of landmark because, deep down, we’re slaves to the celebrating the metric system in an attempt to feel some sense of achievement and self-worth (e.g. "I ate burritos, I must be some kind of champion"). May 22,  · By the way, if you want to rant about a co-worker, don’t do it to another co-worker.

Your rant friend should be deeply trusted and, if at all possible, completely detached from the subject.

A ranting on a subject
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